How much can I extend ?


The Piano Casa allows for a 20% extension in Puglia. You can also generally build 0,03 m³ for each m² of land. PM for details


Can you find other similar properties ?


Interested in seeing which alternatives you could have with the same requirements? We can scout the market for you


Is a Swimming Pool allowed in the area ?


Is the Landscape Conservation Act that establishes where a swimming pool is in principle admissible. We can check the location of a property in relation to the Act plans.


How much would this cost to renovate ?


Let us give you a detailed, in-depth and quick estimate of the costs associated with the renovation of the property


Past knowledge about the Property


Is there any history about the Property that you should know about? Most of the times we are able to give you some useful facts about this.


Am I paying a sensible price ?


No one likes to pay more than what is fair to. Our experience with the local market allows us to help you negotiate a price in line with what a local would pay for it.





on time guarantee

With a daily late penalty charge the contractor you appoint will not want to be late

no hidden fees or extras

Only extras would be if you decide to make changes after construction started


Always pay in stages so you are on top of the process


Pictures from the building site directly on your phone on Saturday mornings


Most frequent questions and answers

Same as in most other places: meeting the wrong Estate Agent or the wrong  Contractor might lead to increased costs, delays and unexpected problems along the way. We work with a consolidated team that has successfully worked through a number of projects and can offer contacts for references.

Of Course. At the core we are Architects, so Design is what we really strive to do. We are happy to suggest builders that we vouch for, or to work with your Contractor as you prefer.

We charge similarly to most Architecture practices around 10% of the Construction Cost, which gets tipically adjusted depending on the complexity of the project and the size. For example, a slightly higher than average Construction Cost will have a slightly lower percentage. Our fee will include all of the design, planning and project management from start to finish, from the purchase to the moment you go on holidays. Except we won’t jump in the pool with you.

It is hard to say as this varies greatly on a case by case basis. However we could say that 6 months is the average time for a property that does not need structural alternations, whereas 9 months is a more realistic time if you are looking at extensions and other structural changes, as concrete takes 28 days to settle minimum. This is the construction time, in addition to the design and planning stages. Please get in touch for a free timeline based on your specific case and we’d be happy to help.

The Region Puglia has a scheme called Puglia Sviluppo, which gives a grant of 35 to 45 % of all costs, including purchase price, fees and construction costs. This is money you get to keep as opposed to a mortgage, so it is extremely interesting. However, this comes at a number of conditions and does not apply to homes unless the intent is that they will be for investment on the holiday market. Additional consultants would be required such as an Accountant, as you would have to start a Limited company in Italy called SRL. Additional conditions include not to make any alterations to elevations or any extensions, and longer waiting times for permissions. We have completed in the past such schemes and are happy to help.

Such schemes exist, depending on which is active in Italy at the moment on a city by city basis. At the moment we are working with Lawyer Marco Magaraggia on a scheme in Sambuca, Italy which had great media coverage a few months ago including the CNN. Each scheme lasts a short period of time so it’s good to be prepared to move quickly, and also has a number of conditions such as requiring a commitment to spend a certain amount of money in renovation works.

In Puglia there are four main types of constructions that will allow a contryside villa to take place: Trullo, Lamia, Masseria or New Built. Whereas some of these types carry great character for their shapes and the natural stone, they also come at a premium and not always are very spacious, so each type would suit a different budget and buyer. Please have a look at our Design Guide which you can download from the bottom of the Home Page for a more in depth description of these categories.

In principle yes, although they tipically have slightly stricter conditions than normal mortgages, such as a lower LTV percentage. We work with companies that are specialized in this king of mortgages and are happy to advise their name if required.




We collected the best knowledge from our Local Architects in a handy (and free!) guide you are welcome to download and consult. It’s just a taster of how we could be working together.

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